Tá fáilte romhat.  Haere mai.  Welcome.

I have set up this site so that I can share my historical work more easily.  Please feel free to download the files provided here and use them to inform your own research.  All that I ask is that you acknowledge your source if you do use something I have written.

I’ve cheekily called it The Brosnan because I was appointed Ceann Fine or clan chieftain by the world gathering of Brosnans (and Brosnahans) in Castleisland in June 2013.  This doesn’t really give me any powers or privileges but I am very proud of the honour.

I used to work for a couple of English aristocrats and they had the privilege of signing their names with just their surname.  Lord Carrington’s personal surname was Carington as I recall so there’s a nice precedent for embracing two forms of your own name.  And so, without wanting to offend any other Brosnans, I’m heading this web page The Brosnan.

Of course all of us are really O’Brosnacháin (or Ní Brosnacháin for the girls) anyway.


Seán Brosnahan

Dunedin, New Zealand

Seán Brosnahan

Seán Brosnahan

2 comments on “Welcome

  1. Neil Brosnan says:

    Comhghairdeachas dhuit, a Cheann Fíne. Well done, Seán. I look forward to keeping tabs on you.

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