Tá fáilte romhat.  Haere mai.  Welcome.

I have set up this site so that I can share my historical work more easily.  Please feel free to download the files provided here and use them to inform your own research.  All that I ask is that you acknowledge your source if you do use something I have written.

I’ve cheekily called it The Brosnan because I was appointed Ceann Fine or clan chieftain by the world gathering of Brosnans (and Brosnahans) in Castleisland in June 2013.  This doesn’t really give me any powers or privileges but I am very proud of the honour.

I used to work for a couple of English aristocrats and they had the privilege of signing their names with just their surname.  Lord Carrington’s personal surname was Carington as I recall so there’s a nice precedent for embracing two forms of your own name.  And so, without wanting to offend any other Brosnans, I’m heading this web page The Brosnan.

Of course all of us are really O’Brosnacháin (or Ní Brosnacháin for the girls) anyway.


Seán Brosnahan

Dunedin, New Zealand

Seán Brosnahan

Seán Brosnahan

9 comments on “Welcome

  1. Tom Brosnan says:

    just browsing through your website again Sean, it is getting more impressive by the day. Hope you and Ray and family are doing well and recovering somewhat from the passing away of Ray’s wife.
    I found the correspondence on Poff and Barrett very interesting as the Barretts lived about a half mile from us in Dromulton about 100 years ago. A number of years ago Paddy Daly a descendant of them erected a memorial in Dromulton to them. Slán go tamall,

    Tom Brosnan

    • thebrosnan says:

      Thanks Tom, appreciate the feedback. I’ve meaning to add some more but struggling to find the time. Dad was doing well but then he broke his hip. He’s gradually regaining hi mobility but that’s quite a setback. Great to see you linking up with someone with Kerry information via this web page. Makes it all seem worthwhile.


  2. Denis Brosnan says:

    I am the son of Denis Brosnan from Castleisland (1924)
    My daughter honored me and all of the Brosnans by naming my grandson Brosnan Patrick …..
    We live on.

  3. Matt Pomeroy says:

    Hi Sean,

    We are working on a project that aims to publish a photograph of every member of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force that served overseas during WWI (we currently have over 22,000 portraits of the approx. 97,500, so a long way to go!) We were wondering if you may know of any photographs of the 6 Brosnan men and 19 Brosnahan men that served?

    You can see more on the project at http://www.onwardproject.co.nz

    Also by chance, you wouldn’t happen to be the Sean Brosnahan that curated the “Wall of Memories” display at Toitu in 2009?

    Kind Regards,

    Matt Pomeroy
    The Onward Project

    • thebrosnan says:

      Hello Matt, yes that was me and I remember you been very helpful on numerous occasions. I was aware of your project and had been meaning to get in touch about the images I have. You will see the Brosnahan ones I have in the photos section of this site. Feel free to use any of them – or will the files be too small? If so I’d be happy to send them to you by email. It just so happens that my next posting here is going to be about Clan Brosnan members who served in WW1. I’m hoping to solicit more information from any readers that I might have about Brosnans/Brosnahans both her and overseas who served in the war. I have just been on a tour of the WW1 battlefields in Gallipoli and along the Western Front for the Museum making AVs about the Otago troops for our forthcoming exhibition about Dunedin and the war “Dunedin’s Great War”. The post will have a link to the blog I kept through that journey too.



      • Matt Pomeroy says:

        Hi Seán,

        We would very much like to use the Brosnahan/Breen pics you have. As they are all full length portraits, it would be great to be able to get larger files by email. We have a standard format where we crop to a head and shoulder composition, so with the full length shot we start losing definition with smaller files.

        If it helps at all, we have recorded the following newspaper photographs of Brosnan/Brosnahan’s who served in the 1st New Zealand Expeditionary Force:

        11/742 Michael Joseph Brosnahan – Otago Witness 29/9/15
        6/3639 Timothy John Brosnahan – Otago Witness 30/8/16
        45060 Arthur William Brosnan – Auckland Weekly News 3/1/18
        6/858 Reginald Kenneth B. Brosnan – New Zealand’s Roll of Honour 1915



  4. Neil Brosnan says:

    Comhghairdeachas dhuit, a Cheann Fíne. Well done, Seán. I look forward to keeping tabs on you.

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