Becoming Ceann Fine of the Brosnan Clan – June 2013

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In July 2013 I took my Dad to Kerry to attend the Clan Brosnan Gathering.  This included the appointment of the first Ceann Fine (clan chieftain) of the Brosnans.  To my surprise and great honour, I was appointed to the role.  This website is one way for me fulfil a leadership role by making available Brosnan/Brosnahan history as well as my wider body of historical work.  I hope that this will be useful to anyone interested in Irish diasporic history, especially in relation to New Zealand.

Seán Brosnahan's inauguration as Brosnan Ceann Fine.

Fr Dan Riordan and Senator Mark Daly who presented me with the plaque and the piece of ash I am holding, which is my symbol of office as Ceann Fine of the Brosnans.

This 4-minute YouTube clip was made by local television in Kerry about the 2013 East Kerry Roots Festival which incorporated the Clan Brosnan Gathering.


Click here to visit the Ceann Fine presentation on the Brosnan Clan Gathering Facebook page.


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