Constant and Faithful

Brosnan coat of arms 2Brosnan coat of arms 1

Bernard Hempseed kindly sent me the following information on the Brosnan coat of arms.  Bernard is married to Margaret Brosnan and they were both very enthusiastic participants in the Brosnan Gathering in 2013.

“A Blazon is the crest described in heraldic language.

Blazon; Azure a lion rampant or, on a chief of the second a boar passent with tusses and wreath all gules.

Translation; The basic shield colour is the first thing described. Azure is blue. On it is a lion and rampant means it is standing upright with forepaws extended and tail upright. Its colour is ‘or’ which is gold, normally depicted as yellow. A lion is regarded as an embodiment of courage, strength, and nobleness, and is the king of beasts. A chief is a horizontal strip at the top of the shield and it is of the second colour mentioned, vis gold. On the chief is a boar, which has long been respected for its courage and fierceness, and it has long tusks (tusses) and a curly tail (a wreath) and its colour is gules which is red. Passent means standing on three paws with the other raised.

Neither the name at the bottom nor the helmet and mantling are part of the blazon and are simply added by the artist who drew the arms. This coat of arms belongs to the Brosnan clan or family by adoption (as are thousands of similar family coats of arms) but one assumes it was granted to a family member somewhere in the dim distant past. Normally, arms are granted to an individual but Irish family arms do exist it seems.

Brosnan Motto; apparently “Fide Et Firme” which means Faithfully and Firmly or Faith and Firm.

Also suggested is “Constans Et Fidelis”, which translates Constant and Faithful.

Quite similar.

Variations on the name of Brosnan;

Brosnahan Brosnahen, Brushneen, Brushnihan, Brusnane,  Bresnahan, Brosneghan, Brosnaghan Brosnachán, Brosnaghe, Brosnihan, Brusnahan, McBrosna, O’Brosnan,

Ó Brosnacháin, Ó Brosnacáin


A Verse.

Two animals to show courage and strength

Do not need to be described at great length.

A golden lion upright standing

Upon a blue under grounding

Overtopped by a scarlet boar

Striding out on gold across the floor.

What is said herein doth give such charm

To the noble Brosnan coat of arms.”


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