A New Research Project: Clan Brosnan at war

Not much news from me for a while.  In fact I have been overseas again, this time on a work project associated with WWI commemorations.  It was for a video project we are calling “Journey of the Otagos” and which traces the movements of the Otago Infantry Regiment and the Otago Mounted Rifles through the battlefields of WWI.  The film crew was just me and my cameraman son Joseph.  Our journey took us first to Gallipoli and then across the Western Front through France and Belgium in a hectic 14 days where we found and filmed numerous sites associated with the Otago men at war.  These will be made into short programmes about Otagos’ war effort and shown at Toitu Otago Settlers Museum and elsewhere.  I kept a daily blog of our activities on the road, which might be of interest:


Meanwhile, I have decided to focus my research over coming months on all the Brosnans and Brosnahans who served in WWI.  This seems like a good way to remember their efforts and honour their memory, whatever we might think in retrospect about the cause they were serving.  In fact I hope to throw into the mix those clan members who were opposed to war service, such as Tim Brosnan who went on the run in New Zealand rather than accept his conscription to fight for the British King.  But first of all I want to set down all those who served and paid the ultimate price for their service.  To begin with the focus will be just on men (there are no women) who carried the Brosnan or Brosnahan surname.  Eventually I hope to extend this to other clan members who have a different surname but share Brosnan ancestry.

Feel free to add information, images, or more names if you can.

Russells Top Lookout, Gallipoli with The Sphinx behind me.

Russells Top Lookout, Gallipoli with The Sphinx behind me.


Filing at the Lone Pine Memorial in Gallipoli.

Filming at the Lone Pine Memorial in Gallipoli.


4 comments on “A New Research Project: Clan Brosnan at war

  1. Julie Conway says:

    Hi I have posted to Calling Brosnans and Friends page about the commemoration of the Warwick Egg Incident

    • thebrosnan says:

      Thanks for the reminder Julie. That would be an excellent subject for a post on this site. I also plan to do some posts next year to commemorate the Brosnan in New Zealand who defied conscription and went to jail. I did a conference paper a month or so about Irish resisters in New Zealand during WWI and that’s story I hope to add with cross=posts to my WWI blog “Journey of the Otago”. Can you tell me much about Bart and Paddy Brosnan?

  2. Dorothy Dowgray says:

    A similar search for Brosnan yields the same list but with more pages. Dorothy

  3. Dorothy Dowgray says:

    Hullo all Brosnahans out there. I am pasting a link to the Aukcland War Memorial Museum Cenotaph website which should take you through to the search I did for Brosnahan. Both World War 1 and 2 are represented. Some items include phots.
    Cheers. Dorothy Dowgray

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