A new Brosnan family gallery: the Thady Micks.

Finally, I have managed to add another gallery of Brosnan/Brosnahan images to this site (it’s taken me ages to work out how to do it).  All of these photos relate to the Timothy Michael (Thady Mick) Brosnans of Kerrytown and  were provided courtesy of Stephanie Brosnan following the family reunion held at Easter 2014.  This is the first of the ‘other’ Brosnan/Brosnahan families from Kerrytown that I have been able to add to this site but I would be happy to add others. It would be especially good to have further photographs of the pioneer generation and what you might call the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Kerrytown settlement, i.e. those Brosnans and Brosnahans who came as immigrants from County Kerry.  I’d love to have more of a ‘rogues gallery’ sort of representation of the founding fathers and mothers of all the Kerrytown Brosnan/Brosnahan families rather than just my own branch.  And indeed, the pioneers of other Brosnan/Brosnahan families from around New Zealand.  Let me know if you have such images to share.


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