Extra Brosnahan photos

I collected more photographs than I was able to include in The Kerrytown Brosnahans.  These ‘extras’ are posted below and arranged in the same family sequence order, indicated by my code for the children of Hugh and Deborah Brosnahan [H1, H2 etc] or Tim and Catherine Brosnahan [T1, T2 etc].  I was given more photos for the Hughie the Pub branch than for any other and this is reflected below.

One key image of one of the immigrant generation – Kate Brosnahan [T4] and her family with Bill Perry – would definitely have been included in the book but I received it after publication.  Following the family sequence, I have included some general photographs of Kerrytown – two school photos and a number of building images, most of the latter from 1957.


2 comments on “Extra Brosnahan photos

  1. Thank you Sean for making these photos of Catherine and James Atley available to me ( their great granddaugter). Never seen them before.
    Veronica Atley

    • thebrosnan says:

      I’m thrilled to hear it as that was the point of developing this site. It seems a great way to share some of the material I had gathered up. Thanks for letting me know.



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