The Gathering, Co Kerry, 2013

In July 2013 a world gathering of Clan Brosnan was held in Castleisland, Co Kerry, as part of the East Kerry Roots Festival and the nation-wide series of events called The Gathering.  Dad and I were luck enough to attend and met up with a number of other relatives from New Zealand as well as Brosnans and Brosnahans from around the world.  Most special was meeting the home people, what Maori would call the hau kaika – the Brosnans who stayed in our ancestral territory in Kerry and kept the fires of occupation burning.  It was a joy to meet them and share insights into the vibrant traditional culture of the Sliabh Luachra area.

The attached gallery is of photos of the Gathering event, some by me, others by relatives who shared them with me.


The video below shows the ruins of an ancestral cottage that was the home of Deborah or ‘Gobnait’ Butler, wife of our patriarchal forbear Daddy Hugh Brosnahan.  An Irish TV company located this spot as part of the Tar Abhaile documentary series that included a section on my cousin Tom Brosnahan [H5.13.3] making his first visit to Ireland for the Gathering.  Dad and I were lucky enough to get up there too thanks to Tom Brosnan of Dromulton and Terry O’Connor.  Our cousin Sara Daly [H5.2.1.3] also came along and appears in the film I shot.  This is close as we have come so far to marking an exact ancestral spot for ‘our’ Brosnahans in Kerry.


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