The Thady Mick Brosnans of Kerrytown

This new gallery of images has been kindly supplied by Stephanie Brosnan and relates to her forbear Timothy Michael (Thady Mick) Brosnan and his descendants.  It is a sequel if you like to the family reunion this group of Brosnans held at Kerrytown at Easter 2014 and which I was a guest speaker at (as per an earlier post).  It has taken a long time to get the gallery up because I had forgotten how to do it, and also because I am working on a book and am a bit short of time.  Thanks again to Stephanie and the family for helping me add these images to the site.

Thady Mick was a son of Michael Brosnahan and Margaret Collins and came to New Zealand with them and other siblings on the immigrant ship “Carisbrooke Castle” in 1874.  Two older sisters, Johanna and Margaret, had come out to South Canterbury two years earlier and had done so as “nominated immigrants”.  This means that someone already in New Zealand had “nominated” them for assisted passages and underlines the ‘chain migration’ involved in the Kerry migrants coming to Kerrytown.  The Michael Brosnahans were originally from Kilfelim in Kerry.

We don’t know how the Michael Brosnahans were connected to ‘my’ founding Brosnahan forbears, Daddy Hugh and his brother Tim, but they ended up settling together in the Kerrytown settlement and arrived within a short time of each other.  I am very pleased to be able to add these additional Kerrytown Brosnahan images to this website, broadening it beyond my immediate family.  I would be happy to add ancestral images of other Brosnan/Brosnahan branches too if people cared to share them.


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